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NHIZ leased out 100% industrial land
30/05/2013 - 11:44

NHIZ leased out 100% industrial land

In the latest report of Nomura Haiphong Industrial Zone Development Corporation on the operation of enterprises in Nomura Haiphong Industrial Zone (NHIZ), 100% industrial land with total area of 120ha has been leased out to 56 investors, of which most are from Japan and operate in fields of high technology, machinery manufacturing, precision mechanics, automobile components, electronics, etc.

Total registered capital of enterprises in NHIZ reached nearly 870 million USD (or 7.2 million USD per hectare), in which 640 million has been disbursed. Export turnover in NHIZ achieved 1.1 billion USD, making up 47% of total export turnover in the city, contributing over 113,000 USD/ha/year to the state budget. Besides, enterprises in NHIZ create around 25,000 jobs for the locality and adjacent areas.

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