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KOICA offers US$ 10k training equipment to Lien Hao Kindergarten
29/06/2012 - 11:06

KOICA offers US$ 10k training equipment to Lien Hao Kindergarten

Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) recently organized a handover ceremony to offer the training and playing equipment to Lien Hao Kindergarten (Tien Lang District). Attending the handover ceremony were Mr. Kim In, Head of KOICA Representative Office in Vietnam, representative leader of the Department of Foreign Affairs, all kindergarteners and many villagers in Kien Thiet Commune.

This is an activity under the project “Enhancing quality of training and caring children in Lien Hao Kindergarten” proposed by Ms. Ahn Ji Ye, a KOICA volunteer. From September 2010, volunteer Ahn came to Lien Hao Kindergarten and directly trained and took care of children here. She suggested KOICA to support the kindergarten with some training and cooking equipment, like: tables, chairs, indoor and outdoor toys, grinders, etc… with total cost of about USD 10,000. Lien Hao Kindergarten was built in 2008 with cost of about USD 70,000 under KOICA’s support through volunteer Yang Jin Hyun’s project. Over the past 3 years, the kindergarten has constantly received KOICA volunteers to support the training work. Every year, KOICA sends about 60 volunteers to participate in the work of public organizations of Vietnam, such as: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc…

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