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US$ 6.6 mil. project to build LAS plant in Haiphong
07/06/2012 - 08:30

 US$ 6.6 mil. project to build LAS plant in Haiphong

On 4th June morning, Soft Industry Corporation (SIC) – the joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Vietnam and Formusan Union Chemical Taiwan officially commenced the construction of LAS plant in Dinh Vu Industrial Zone.

The plant with total invested capital of USD 6.6 million, covering nearly 1.5 hectares, will produce materials for the detergent production industry. Applying technology of Desmet Ballestra Group – Italy (the world leading technology on detergent production), at its operation, the plant will be able to produce 24,000 tons of products annually. The plant construction is scheduled to be completed after 10 months; then SIC will start operation in March 2013.

Toyota Tsusho (Japan) is the leading corporation in protecting environment, safety and workers’ rights. This is their 20th project in Vietnam and 2nd project in Haiphong (the first plant with production capacity of 24,000 tons per year operated since 1997). In this project, Toyota Tsusho takes management role in the joint venture.

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